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“Excited to learn about us? Dive in and let’s start your journey towards success together!”

What We're All About

At Buddy Sarthi, we’re all about empowering students to explore their interests, discover their strengths, and confidently navigate their future career paths with personalized guidance and support.

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform

Learn Something Every Day!

Choosing the right path and achieving success is a journey filled with discovery, growth, and perseverance. It begins with self-reflection and exploration, understanding our passions, interests, and strengths. With clarity in mind, we set achievable goals and work diligently towards them, overcoming obstacles along the way with resilience and determination. Success is not just about reaching the destination but embracing the lessons learned and the growth experienced throughout the process. It’s about staying true to ourselves, staying focused on our aspirations, and continuously striving for excellence. With the right mindset, guidance, and hard work, we can carve out our own paths to success and make our dreams a reality.

Suraj D. Nimkar​
Founder & CEO
Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Our Vision

Who We Are

"Believing in the limitless potential of every student and providing the tools they need to realize it."

At Buddy Sarthi, we’re a dedicated team committed to supporting students in grades 6 to 12 as they navigate their academic and career paths. We offer personalized guidance and resources to help students explore their interests, identify their strengths, and plan for their future with confidence. Our platform provides a range of tools, including career assessments, counseling sessions, and educational resources, designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Whether students are considering different career options or seeking advice on academic planning, we’re here to help them every step of the way. At Buddy Sarthi, we believe in empowering students to make informed decisions about their education and career goals, guiding them towards a bright and successful future.

Our Core Values

Embrace Individuality

We celebrate the unique strengths, interests, and aspirations of each student, providing personalized guidance tailored to their individual needs.

Foster Growth Mindset

We encourage a positive attitude towards learning and growth, empowering students to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and continuously strive for improvement.

Promote Inclusivity

We foster a supportive and inclusive community where all students feel valued, respected, and empowered to pursue their dreams regardless of background, identity, or circumstances.

Core Members

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Suraj Nimkar

Chief Executive Officer

Completed graduation in Mechanical Engineering & PG in MBA. Worked as Business Development Manager at Think & Learn Pvt Ltd. Pune and Worked As a Trainee Engineer at Bajaj Auto Pvt Ltd Aurangabad.  Certified Career Guide. Appeared for Indian Army & Indian Navy SSB Interview Twice.

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Shivam Tiwari


Graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Previously served as Business Development Associate and Academic Counsellor at Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. Appeared in Indian Army SSB Interview twice. Certified in career guidance, equipped with academic counseling and career coaching. 

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform

Chief Finance Officer

Graduated with a degree in BSc & Post Graduate in MSc. Certified in career guidance, specializing in academic counseling and career coaching, offering personalized support to help individuals achieve their educational and professional goals.



Chief Technical Officer

Graduation and Post graduation in biotechnology. GATE 2024 qualified with AIR 1492. Founder of Writer World. Founder of Fathomless Studio. Worked in  Nanotechnology Laboratory at IASST, Guwahati. 2 Projects represented at State Level Aavishkar 2023 and 2nd rank holder at University level Aavishkar 2023.


Counselors at Buddy Sarthi are a dedicated team committed to guiding students towards academic and career success with personalized support and expertise.

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Bhavana Gawhale


Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology & Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree. Completed two years of teaching experience as a CHB at the P.G. Department of Psychology, SGBAU.

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Dr. Padmaja Ganpatye


Experienced career counselor with 20 years in education field.

Holds certifications in career coaching and counseling.

Empowers individuals with informed decision-making skills for career development.

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Chandrashekhar Gulwade



M.Sc (Math), M.A. (Education Sci), B.A. (Eng. Litt), B.Ed.

Dip. in Vocational Guidence & Psychological Testing (Mumbai)


Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Prajakta Kale


M.S. Management Information Systems – Northern Illinois University, USA Former Business Analyst – Deloitte & Hewlett Packard USA. Executive Education Program ( EEP) from IIM Bangalore. 2023 -2024

Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Ashwin Alsi


M.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

Former Control Systems Engineer – Integra Technologies, USA



Buddy Sarthi Career Guidance Platform
Taniya Awjekar


Globally certified image consultant and soft skills trainer. Personality development & Career Mentor. Appearance Body language Communication



Neha BS
Neha Umare


M.A. in counseling and psychotherapy. PG diploma in English communication skills. Bsc in Biology. Counselor at Antarman Mind care centre, Amravati.   CBT/REBT practitioner.  Lecturer at DLLE, Sant Gadage Baba Amravati University, Amravati (1yr).   Internship at Kiran’s Mind Center, Mumbai, Sion hospital Mumbai & Morphic Mind, Nagpur

Shradha BS
Shraddha Harkanche


Working as Clinical Psychologist in District General Hospital Amravati since 2017. M. A. in Psychology, Sociology & Counselling and Psychotherapy, B ed, PG Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology,  and PhD. Worked as Assistant Professor (C.HLB.) in Government Vidarbh Institute of Science and Humanities Amravati since 2010 to 2019 and in  in Department of Psychology, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati



Shashikant BS
Mr. Shashikant shinde


M.A.(FNE)B.Ed. D.S.M. Research Scholar  ESOL affiliated to University of Cambridge

TEFL from Asian College of Teachers Bangkok Diploma in College &Career Counseling from IC3

Working as School Principal

Total working experience is 20 years.






Zubair BS
Prof. Zubair Khan


M.Sc. in Counselling and Family Therapy. M.S.W. in Medical and Psychiatry. Ph.D. Interns Exam Qualify. M.A. in Psychology. B.A. and D.Ed. Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati. Counselling and Psychotherapy, Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension. Baba Manas De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, Amravati.

Kalpana BS
Kalpana Tayade


M. A. ( Psychology) from Amravati University. M. A. (Marathi) From YCM Open University Nashik. M. Ed From Amravati University. B. Ed from Amravati University. B.A(Marathi) from YCM Open University Nashik. Diploma D.T.Ed from Maharashtra Parishad Pune




Kalyani BS
Kalyani Gadge


Diploma in councelling  (Brainway research foundation Pune.)

Pursuing Diploma in Counseling from SGBAU. M.Sc. in DFSM from IGNOU.  Working as a student counselor in CBSE school.